Sunday, July 19, 2009

How Inadequate Gum and Dental Care Can Kill You Now...And Not Later

How is heart disease and stroke DIRECTLY linked to gum disease? The surface of healthy mucous membrane in the mouth is rich with antibodies called 'immunoglobulins' that protect you from bacteria and viruses. These 'immunoglobulins' are your soldiers, your infantry, and your troops on the ground. Unfortunately, as you age, your body manufactures less and less of them, so you have less and less resistance to the 300 different kinds of bacteria (the enemy troops).
But the biggest danger is oral bacteria entering the bloodstream through the gums (even a tiny, microscopic gum tear). The bacteria can then move directly through the carotid arteries to the brain. This very same bacterial plaque that causes gum disease can trigger the arteries to swell...causing blood flow constriction that sharply increases risk of stroke and heart disease. Further, never forget the closed loop: Gum disease worsens diabetes and all the deadly complications that come with it. These include: Stroke, heart disease, severe neuropathy leading to amputations of hands, feet and limbs.

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